Cao Xinping Xuzhou District Party Committee secretaryand other related department?


On August 7, 2014, Cao Xinping Xuzhou District Party Committee secretary, Bi Yurui Tongshan District Party Committee secretary, Du Hai peng High-tech zone management committee director and other leaders at all levels lead the quality supervision, public security, fire control and other related departments to our company inspection guidance. Chairman of the board of directors of the company Zhang Xiaojin, four deputy general managers and each department manager, make work reports for the safety production, production capacity and operation conditions to the leaders.

Leaders go into our company production plant area, after detailed understanding of the production environment, production facilities, process flow, and other enterprises of safety production, make all consistent with our safety production environment. Cao complements our company to be a very good business, for the enterprise safety and efficiency, management, rapidly growth and the spirits. He also thanks to the company staff for the city's economic development contribution and gives full affirmation for our company always adhere to the safety in production work on important position, adhere to the safety meeting system and the safety of the staff education. Cao says: "security is the foundation of enterprise development, and production safety work can promote the development of enterprises better, faster and stronger".

The chairman Zhang Xiaojin on behalf of all staffs commitment to leadership: our company will do the best to do a good job of production safety, to bring the company into a model of safety, high efficiency, high quality enterprise.