• YB Preinstalled Type Transformer Substation

YB Preinstalled Type Transformer Substation

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Product overview

The combined substation, after testing. Main components: transformer, high voltage switch equipment and controlling equipment, low-voltage switchgear and control equipment, the corresponding internal cable and auxiliary equipment. Combined substation connect by the cable, can be operated from the internal or external, install on the ground or underground (some or all)  

Product features

This product aim to meet the demand of the urban and rural power grid construction, designed on the basis of ZGS combined transformer. With small size, compact structure, site installation and debugging cycle is short, can replace the traditional substation. And can satisfy the electric energy metering, reactive power compensation demands of high and low voltage solutions, represents the development direction of small and medium-sized substation.
This product is applicable to industrial and mining enterprises, railway stations, docks, airports, public places, including 10 kv high-rise buildings and residential quarters, 30 ~ 50 hz, 1600 kva power users, can be suitable for ring network power supply can also be applied to terminal power supply.

Applicable conditions

1. The installation location: outdoor;

2. Altitude: < 1000 m;

3. The highest temperature: + 40 ℃;

4. The highest monthly average temperature: + 35 ℃;

5. The highest annual average temperature: + 20 ℃;

6. The lowest environment temperature: 25 ℃ (outdoor);

7. The maximum daily temperature difference: 25 ℃;

8. Sunshine intensity: 0.1 w/cm squared (0.5 m/s);

9. Pollution level: level III;

10. Prevent the rain level: level 3;

11. Relative humidity: the highest monthly average: 90% (20 ℃); The highest daily average: 90% (20 ℃);

12. Earthquake resistance ability: the ground level 0.2 g acceleration; Ground vertical acceleration of 0.1 g;

13. The inclination of the installation location: no more than 3 degrees.


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