• 24 Sales Base:
    whenever and wherever you are interested in our products or have any questions, call soon, we will respond shortly.
  • Call back within two hours:
    If you have any questions about our products, please fill feedback to us, we will arrange professional phone within two hours to reply to you troubleshoot difficult problems.
  • Lifelong commitment to change:
    Your satisfaction, our pursuit! The problem is not solved, our service will never terminate. We provide users with product installation, commissioning, operation consulting and services, will be pro-active with the user, to familiarize you with product use and precautions to ensure that products are safe, smooth, efficient operational use.
  • 3 packs commitments:
    Products appear and indeed identify quality problems within one year free replacement, and to strictly fulfill its responsibilities under the "three guarantees" requirement and the contract.
  • 20 year long insurance period:
    More than "three guarantees" period of products, we offer 20-year warranty period for you, once the product is abnormal fault, we will provide the most attentive service within 24 hours.

Communication from the new start:
Pre-sale, sale, sale and we join hands full. Select Huachen is your satisfaction, your trust is our pleasure. Just contact us, we will carefully and communicate with you. We will provide you with the pre-comprehensive and systematic product information, if there are special needs, can be developed at the request of your questions, both sides recognized the situation to develop solutions. Sale, we will contact you to inform the entire production schedule, in strict accordance with the requirements of the contract execution. Sale, perfect "three guarantees" service system will give you with the ease, comfortable, liking.
Training, guide us all free:
If you are interested in our products, please do not hesitate to pick up the phone, you will receive a comprehensive survey of Division I opportunity. Including arrangements for you to visit and experience the factory, sent technical personnel for your free development of the overall solution, and before the implementation of the program to provide free training for you. In the device process, we have not yet offer free installation instructions.
As long as your request is our mission. Far from any road heavy, duty-bound!